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Colombia TAXI
is an online resource referral page, aimed at helping Colombia travelers and tourist, as well as new Colombian residents. This website is aimed at provided a service which helps foreigners which travel in Colombia. Colombia TAXI is not a taxi company, Colombia TAXI is a travel services company.

Colombia Travel can be done with confidence as we believe this website will make your life easier, as more than a taxi referral service, you will find great information on everything from Colombia Vacations, to living and conducting business in Colombia.

Medellin Vacations are our primary specialty, although we are based out of Medellin, we also are expanding our databae to include drivers, guides, translators, and quality lodging in other major Colombian cities. For Medellin Apartments see our partner Paradise Realty in Medellin with more than 150 furnished rentals in and around Medellin.

Group Parties? Large parties should consider renting Chiva party buses, or vans for a fun night on the town.

Company Executives and travelers of all types can contact professionals through this website with confidence and expect the highest quality in service from these drivers. will be able to quickly locate trusted licensed taxi drivers within Colombia's major cities.

Colombia Traveler Referral Services: This service will run on references of known and trusted taxi drivers. Therefore drivers and guides must go through an approval process after being referred. We then verify and approve professionals who wish to appear on this website. If you know of a driver or bilingual guide which you and your friends have used multiple times, then please have them contact us on our cellular at 313-390-7109, and we will be happy to include them in this site after verifying their credentials.

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Cesar is from Medellin, and previously lived in the United States for more than 20 years. He is a hard worker, happily married and friendly person to know. He has many customers that call him every time they return to Medellin.
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Cesar is a bilingual driver, and speaks perfect English, so he is a good friend to have in Medellin. Cesar does trips to the airport, tours of Medellin, and tours of the nearby towns.
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Was born and raised here in Medellin. He and his uncle are hard working and punctual drivers with a great work ethic. Very friendly people as well. They speak a little English
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is called to drive people that are in large groups or have a lot of luggage arriving at the airport, because him and his uncle have 2 SUVs. They also enjoy working at night time, doing city tours, and trips to the country side for clients as well.

Medellin Travel Tip on Dating Medellin Girls - women: When you arrive you will be eager to go out on and begin your Medellin dating experience. For your first dates with Medellin girls or women at night or in the day you will want to have a personal and trusted taxi driver. Why not have a bilingual driver that can be your interpreter as well? They are more than translators because they are also familiar with cultural things that you are unaware of, so they can really help you out. Cultural manarisms can take a foreigner YEARS to figure out. You can really save money by doing this.

colombia passports Medellin Fincas colombia motorcycle tours Medellin Lodging corporate travel medellin toursMedellin Pueblo Tours These tour prices vary on type of vehicle, and the length of time you would like the tour to take. Tours can return before dark, late at night or the next day. Call us for more information